High performance inductive proximity sensor with unprecedented stability, durability, and workability

The Panasonic GX-F/H Series introduces an exciting new line of high performance rectangular proximity sensors with an unprecedented level of stability, durability, and workability. With advanced manufacturing techniques, Panasonic created sensors that minimize part to part variance and offer a detection distance that only varies by a maximum of 0.4mm. The result is an incredibly stable detection that is suitable for usage in high volume applications where precision from installation to installation is imperative. The GX-F/H series easily surpasses conventional products in its high-end performance and environmental characteristics. 

The IP68g enclosure completely isolates the sensor from the effects of dirt, water, or oil allowing usage in harsh environments. The series also exhibits an extremely tight deviation of sensing characteristics, +/-8%, over its usable temperature range of -25 to +70 decrees C. Environmental characteristics combined with a 10X increase in vibration in shock resistance over previous models makes the GX-F/H Series one of Panasonic's most durable proximity sensors to date. The addition of a metal sleeve in the mounting hole to increase tightening strength and doubling of the wiring gauge makes workability and installation easier than ever before.



Extremely stable sensing distances even under rapid temperature changes

Increased tightening torque

Bright operation indicators with a wide field of view

Stable long range sensing

The GX-F/H Series has the longest stable sensing range among the same level of rectangular inductive proximity sensors in the industry and are easy to install. 


+/-8% maximum variation

Thorough adjustment and control of sensing sensitivity greatly reduces individual sensor differences and variation, with variation at the maximum operation distance at +/-8%. The work of adjusting sensor positions when using multiple sensors and when sensors have been replaced is much easier. 


+/-8% temperature variation

Components such as the sensor coil and core and product design have been totally revised to provide excellent temperature characteristics. Stable sensing can be obtained regardless of the time of day or the yearly season. 


Increased durability

The GX-F/H Series is 10 times as durable as conventional models. The new integrated construction method used provides shock resistance of 10,000 m/s2 (approx. 1,000 G in X, Y and Z directions for three times each), and vibration resistance clears durability tests of between 10 and 500 Hz (3 mm 0.118 in double amplitude in X, Y and Z directions for 2 hours each). In addition, resistance to impulse noise is approx. three times greater than for conventional models.


Highly resistant to water or oil 

The IP68G protective construction protects components such as the sensor coil and core from oil and water and provide excellent temperature characteristics. 


Easy to see indicators

A prism with a wide field of view has been developed improving visibility of the operation indicators and making them easy to see over a wide field of view. 


Increased tightening strength

The insertion of a metal sleeve into the screw holes prevents the sensor from being damaged by overtightening. 


Doubled conductor thickness

The conductor's thickness was doubled to make wiring easier and makes it easier to handle and perform crimping work on the cables. The tensile strength of the crimping area has also become higher. 



Muting control of light curtains

Positioning processing equipment

Positioning metal pallets