Ultra-slim contact-type displacement sensor

Introducing the Panasonic HG-S Series contact-type digital displacement sensor. It features class leading accuracy in a slim and strong unit body.

Slim size

Allows for side-by-side mounting.

Class leading ruggedness*

Top rated for vibration, impact and lateral load resistance.

Highest accuracy in its class*

Resolution of 0.1 0.1 µm (0.004 mil) and indication accuracy of 1 µm (0.039 mil) or less (HG-S1110(R))

Absolute value scale reading

Eliminates “value skipping” and “unset zero point”

Industry's first intuitive dual display on controller*

2-line digital display for unprecedented ease of use

Versatile & easy-to-use controller

Resolution of 0.1 0.1 µm (0.004 mil) and indication accuracy of 1 µm (0.039 mil) or less (HG-S1110(R))

Easy unit-to-unit connection

Connect up to 15 follower units to one leader unit in any order for multi-point calculations. 

* As of September 2015, according to Panasonic survey

HG-S demonstration

Sorting parts by thickness using HG-S series using contact type displacement sensor


State-of-the-art sensor head

With a state-of-the-art sensor head, the HG-S Series features a robust head on a slim body with a 2-point structure to increase rigidity, a spindle whirl-stop with metal guide, and durability to withstand more than 200 million vertical sliding operations. The HG-S Series boasts top of the class accuracy with a 0.1 µm resolution and 0.5-1.0 µm indication accuracy based on the range. Precision is increased by reducing tip deviation to 35 µm or less. 

Simplified equipment mechanisms

The HG-S Series features air-driven type sensor heads to reduce cost, man-hours, and installation space as well as improving the accuracy of the equipment. 


Lateral load resistance

Tested by Panasonic's very own engineers,the HG-S Series is proven to withstand more than 100 million sliding operations under the application of a lateral load. 


Sliding lateral load resistance

The HG-S Series withstands the test against a lateral sliding load and is resistant to shock and vibration. 


Spindle stopper

Featuring a spindle stopper in the lower section of the sensor, the HG-S Series is resistant to upward thrust impact, minimizing damage to the internal structure. 


Reduced setup time

Change the sensor head safely without turning off the power supply to reduce man-hours required for setup or maintenance. 


1-Point teaching

Machine teaching at the push of a button for easy tolerance setting. 



Automotive Applications

Coupling assembly inspection

Installed height measurement

Crankshaft dimension measurement

Screw head height measurement

Transmission parts height measurement

Automotive parts dimension measurement

Other Applications

Motor shaft eccentricity measurement

X-Y stage position measurement

Tablet surface flatness measurement

Resin roller eccentricity measurement

Lithium-ion battery flatness measurement

Parts installation inspection