Ulltra-slim thru-beam type digital displacement sensor with best-in-class accuracy

Panasonic introduces the brand new HG-T Series of thru-beam type digital displacement sensors offering best-in-class measurement accuracy.

Slim size

The HG-T Series sensors measure 8mm in thickness, making it ideal for installation in tight spaces. 

Class leading accuracy

Features a repeatability of 1 µm for the highest measurement accuracy in the ind

Wide-angle measurement

A belt-shaped laser offers a width of 10mm to measure dimensions and positions.

Five detection modes

Offers an industry first of five different detection modes for a variety of applications.

Stable measurement of transparent workpieces

An adjustable judgment level offers stable measurment of transparent workpieces.

Reduced foreign-matter effects

The judgement filter value allows for the consideration of erroneous detection from foreign matters. 

Easy unit-to-unit connection

Connect up to 14 follower units to one leader unit in any order for multi-point calculations. 

*Among thru-beam type digital sensors, as of January 2019 in-company survey


Industry's highest measurement accuracy

Two sensor head options

The HG-T Series offers two types of sensor heads to fit any application, one with a standard type receiver and one with a slim type receiver.


Automatic cable recognition

The HG-T Series provides automatic recognition of the positional relationship between the emitter and receiver connected to the sensor head, which eliminates the need to identify the correct cables to be connected and simplifies wiring. 


IP67 Protection

The HG-T Series carries an IP67 rating and can be used in places with large amounts or water or dust. 


High performance controller


Five detection modes

Auto edge detection mode

Edge detection mode

External form/width detection mode

Inside diameter/gap detection mode

Central position detection mode

USB communication unit

Connect up to 14 follower units to one leader units. 



Measurement of meandering on lithium-ion battery winding machine

Glass substrate positioning 

Detection of clearance between rollers

Shaft diameter measurement

Measurement of motor shaft eccentricity