High functionality laser array with 4 micron resolution

The HL-T1 series of laser collimated beam sensors combines extremely compact sensor heads with a high-functionality intelligent controller. Three sensor heads are available from the long-range, small beam width HL-T1001(A/F) to the wide beam HL-T1010(A/F With a 4-micron resolution and an 8-micron minimum object diameter, the HL-T1 series offers incredibly high precision for positioning and measurement applications. An optional side-view attachment provides ease and simplicity in mounting the sensor head. The HL-T1 controller features an easy to see dual digital display with a convenient four-key layout for simple control. Three types of teaching functions have been integrated including: single level, two level and fully automatic teaching. Using the optional HL-AC1-CL calculation unit, two sensors can be connected together to enable addition or subtraction functions. This is perfect for applications such as sheet width measurement. The analog output is selectable between current or voltage and HI/LO/GO outputs are integrated as well (available as PNP or NPN).

  • Ultra compact sensor head 
  • High functionality controller 
  • Minimum sensing object (8 micron diameter)