Obstacle detection sensors with wide area detection

The PX-2 series is designed for obstacle detection on AGV systems. The wide sensing area and optional auxiliary sensors greatly decrease the null zone in front of automated guided vehicles. The built in automatic cross talk prevention eliminates the potential for errors when vehicles pass by each other.

  • 5 m sensing range
  • Built in sleep (stand-by) function
  • External sensitivity. 
  • Automatic interference prevention function


Ideal sensing area with very little dead zone

The PX-2 series features an advanced optical system which reduces dead zones in front of AGV. Dead zones are further minimized when auxiliary sensors are utilized

Sensing areas selectable as per route condition

Sensing areas can be selected with switches to suit the route conditions of an AGV

Compact size for space-saving

At half the size of a conventional model, and with a freely adjustable cable orientation, the sensors can fit on any size of AGV.