Easy Cleaning for Sanitary Environments

Redefining "In Place Cleaning"

  • The Tension Release tail flips up to relieve tension on the belt simply by removing two pins, making it easy to remove the belt or clean underneath.

Unique Pull Pin Design

  • Every HC200 conveyor can be fully disassembled without tools — including stands, sides/guides, tails and drives — to aid your facility’s in place cleaning efforts.

NSF & BISSC Certified

  • HydroClean Series HC200 Conveyors feature a sanitary design meant to minimize opportunities for bacteria growth. Hex head fasteners are used to ensure there are no exposed threads where bacteria can accumulate. They also offer minimal mated surfaces that can easily disassembled for cleaning and a slotted frame with soft angles to promote drainage. Thanks to those features, HC200 Conveyors are the first and only NSF-certified low profile belt conveyors.

V-Guided Belts

  • These stainless steel, sealed ball bearings support high speeds up to 300 FPM. A stainless steel cover protects them during cleaning.

Sealed Ball Bearings

  • Stainless steel, sealed ball bearings are protected during cleanings and capable of high speeds up to 300 FPM.



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