Machine Safety


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Safety engineering with combinations of sensors, safety I/O modules, scanners, light curtains and towers, E-Stop Safety, safety modules, safety valves and more.


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Ramco Innovations Engineers create safety solutions using the latest technology from Banner Engineering, Omron, Husky Rack & Wire, Frameworld and Fortress Interlocks.

Machine safety offerings maximize safety without interfering with production speed. Protection is reliable and is available in formats designed to match the environment, including:
  • Safety light curtains
  • Safety relays, safety controllers
  • Emergency stop and stop controls
  • Safety limit and interlock switches
  • RFID interlocks, non-contact safety switches, medium duty interlocks, safety gate switches, ethernet networking capability, heavy duty safety gate with connectivity and trapped key integration, mechanical interlocks
  • Two-hand controls
  • Safety laser scanners
  • Safety accessories
  • Safety fencing for machine guarding
  • Safety controller software



Ramco Innovations supplies the best safety solution for applications in all industrial industries including automotive, building materials, consumer goods manufacturing & distribution, food and beverage, medical manufacturing, metals processing, packaging and recycling:
  • Aisle shield
  • Automated paint system station
  • Concrete mixing
  • Cutting lines for metal
  • Engine assembly
  • Guarding conveyor entry
  • Guarding personnel near slicing machinery
  • Press machinery
  • Robot cell (one or two person)
  • Robotic palletiser safeguarding
  • Safeguarding palletiser station
  • Security partition
  • Small assembly station protection

Banner Engineering 

Robotic Guarding in Work Area without Limiting Access

Banner SX Series safety laser scanners protect personnel, equipment, and mobile systems within a user-defined area. They continuously scan a 275° area to create a two-dimensional protected zone that must be crossed to reach the hazard. They are suitable for horizontal, vertical, and mobile applications.

  • Preventing Personnel from Accessing Machine Hazards
  • Creating Warning and Safety Zones
  • Benefits of the SX5 Safety Laser Scanner
    • Rapid Deployment
    • Versatile Protection Zones
    • Reliable Operation in Industrial Environments
    • Increased machine uptime

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Omron Safety Solutions

Ramco Innovations can recommend a full suite of Omron safety products including:
Safety Laser Scanners | Next Generation Light Curtains | Safety Logic Devices-Controllers | Safety Operator Controls | Safety Limit Switches Safety Door Switches | Emergency Stop Devices | Safety Logic Devices-Relays | Safety Outputs

Omron OS32C Safety Light Scanner
  • The OS32C system status, zone status, and measurement data can all be monitored over EtherNet/IP
  • 1,500 Kg large capacity payload
  • Dynamic intelligent 360° safety
  • Integrated automation controls

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Omron Next Generation Light Curtains
The F3SG-SR series light curtain was developed to help manufacturers overcome the challenges of globalization and flexible production. This series offers a complete lineup of products that comply with global safety standards and provide a wide range of functionality across all design and maintenance needs, enabling manufacturers to construct state-of-the-art safety systems.

Protective heights are available in increments of 40 mm up to 1,000 mm. The perfect protective height for any area ensures safety and eliminates the need for additional protective measures.

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Husky Wire & Rack 

Velox Machine Guarding

  • OSHA Compliance: Velox meets a top 10 OSHA compliance standard.
  • Easy to modify: Our patented design makes it easy for anyone to set up, rearrange or expand, and our enclosures come in a variety of sizes, styles, and options.
  • Designed for strength: Panels easily slip in with hook fasteners and locks securely into 2.5” x 2.5” square posts. The 2" x 2" grid wire mesh is manufactured from 8-gauge welded wire that adds strength and rigidity. Guarding has a sweep space of 6”.
  • Strength and stability: Our especially rigid panels are reinforced by the strength of our posts without the excess bulk or weight of frames.
  • Easy, safe access: Our fast-release carriage bolts allow for easy access, and our system installs from outside the cell to ensure that access is safe and secure.


FRAME-WORLD Structural Aluminum Extrusions and Components provide a complete system that allows quick and easy design and assembly of machine bases and frames, stands, guard assemblies, material handling fixtures, safety guarding, robot safety fencing, and tooling supports. Our wide selection of aluminum extrusion profiles and connecting brackets, fasteners and accessories provide limitless possibilities in assembly and design with significant savings over welded fixtures.

FastFrames modules are pre-assembled panels and doors which are constructed of 1.5” x 1.5” heavy-duty aluminum extrusions, with wire mesh (black or yellow) or clear Lexan inserts. Each module can be ordered using a single part number, and arrives completely pre-assembled. Just connect them together to form a machine safety guard, enclosure or protective perimeter safety fence.

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Fortress Interlocks

Through the use of interlocks, Fortress products ensure all activities are undertaken in a safe, predetermined sequence. This creates a safer workplace where employees are safeguarded from injury and equipment is protected from damage.

ATOM is a compact and ultra-robust RFID high coded solenoid interlocking device. As typical with products from Fortress Interlocks, ATOM is externally approved and is suitable for applications up to PLe (Cat. 4). The metal housing and high retention force then suits ATOM for heavier industry applications.

High misalignment in the self-centering actuator covers any movement and inaccuracy in hinged and sliding door machine guarding. Additionally, ATOM’s head has an open design manufactured in stainless steel to prevent dust, dirt and corrosion from impacting performance.

ncGard – A complete range of non-contact safety switches.
Available in multiple hardware variants, the device can be configured for applications where hazards persist after machinery is powered off. Multiple units can also be connected together with OSSD (Output Signal Switching Device)functionality preventing fault masking. The Large LED lens at the base provides clear state indication from all angles and at a distance.

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