Master IO-Link Module IP20

  • The NXILM-400 is a host controller that can cyclically read control signals, status, wiring, and power supply status of IO-Link sensors.
  • User-specified data in IO-Link devices can be read and written from the host controller when necessary.
  • Digital signals can be input rapidly from IO-Link sensors* during IO-Link communications.
  • IO-Link sensors can be combined with non-IO-Link sensors.
    Incorrect connections of IO-Link sensors can be checked when IO-Link communications start.
  • Backup and restoration of IO-Link device parameters*2 make replacement of IO-Link sensors easier.
  • Sensors can report their errors to the NXILM-400 master, which facilitates locating errors from the host.
  • The total number of retries in cyclic communications can be recorded to check the quality of IO-Link communications. (When EtherCAT is used as the host communication   interface) **

           *IO-Link sensors that support digital inputs with pin 2.

           **When the Omron IO-Link master united is used.