Unique, reliable leak detection sensors with built-in amplifier

The EX-F70/F60 series of leak detection sensors offer a unique and reliable method of protecting your equipment against leaks. Using a capillary effect, the sensor utilizes the change in refractive index to detect small leaks and viscous liquids. The built-in amplifier sensor offers a compact design, and is available in general purpose (water detection) and chemical-resistant types. A convenient LED indicator allows for simple verification of fault conditions. There is no need for sensitivity adjustments, and two simple mounting bracket styles facilitate simple installation.



Reliable detection using capillary effect

Compact, space saving design

High speed detection

Reliable detection

The unique use of the capillarity effect enables reliable detection of small leaks and viscous liquids. When leaks occur, the beam from the beam-emitting part scatters through the leaked liquid and is not transmitted to the beam-receiving part. 


Compact, space-saving

The slim 10mm side-mounting sensor is especially good for use in confined spaces. 


Excellent chemical resistance

The sensor enclosure and the cable sheath are made from PFA, which is highly resistant to chemicals. Accurate sensing can be achieved even if there are leaks of chemicals such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, or ammonia. 


Wire-saving unit

The wire saving unit can connect up to 8 leak detection sensors. Connect sensors easily with the one-touch connector, made by simply inserting the leak detection sensor cable leads into the snap male connector SL-CP1 and pushing until the connector snap-locks, saving time and trouble of stripping the insulation from each lead before attaching to terminals. 


Other features

Easy operation check 

The EX-F60/F70 Series is equipped with a NORMAL indicator, which lights up when mounting correctly, and a FAULT indicator which lights up when sensing the leaked liquid or when mounted incorrectly, so the operation can be checked easily. 

Safe design 

If the sensor is not mounted correctly, if the cable is broken or disconnected, or if the sensor is not operating correctly, the output is the same as when the beam is not received. 

Easy installation & reset

The SUS mounting bracket type can be installed using only a single screw and the PVC mounting bracket type can be installed using only two screws or an adhesive. NO component replacement required for resetting after leak detection. The simple shape makes it easy to wipe of the leaked liquid. 

PVC mounting bracket available

A mounting bracket a PVC is available. This mounting bracket can be used normally in environments that normal metal brackets would corrode.