Parallel Robots

Parallel robots excel at high-speed applications in packaging, manufacturing, assembly, and material handling.


The Quattro is the only parallel robot in the world USDA-accepted for meat and poultry processing


Designed for Primary and Secondary Food Packaging

Sysmac Delta

The fastest picking system integrated in the Sysmac platform

Collaborative Robots

TM Series

Collaborative robots are designed to work alongside a person enabling them to do their job more efficiently. These robots are easy to train on new tasks and are capable of adapting to a wide variety of applications

Articulated Robots


The speed and precision of the Viper six-axis robots makes them ideal for operations requiring fast and precise automation.

Mobile Robots

LD Series

Mobile Robots solve a variety of material transport issues with their innovative self-navigate technology. The robots can easily navigate  throughout dynamic environments.

SCARA Robots


The eCobra series offers a compact system footprint, saving valuable floor space while minimizing installation costs and complexity.


Omron's Cobra robot series delivers performance unmatched in the industry.

Part Feeders


The AnyFeeder is a complete, flexible, feeding system optimized to work together with vision, motion, and robots.