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In this article and video Jeremy Honnold is going to walk you through how to set up the LX-101 color sensor so that it... More
Panasonic SG-P 1/12/2023
At-a-Glance Recognition of open/closed condition Large and bright indicators show the open/close conditions of machine room doors. When one of the... More
Looking for automotive solutions? Looking for automotive automation solutions? Below are some selected examples of Panasonic has products engineered for automotive assembly. Don t see... More
Looking for material handling solutions? Looking to improve your efficiency when handling materials? Below are some selected examples of Panasonic products that can improve your... More
Looking for packaging solutions? Check out some selected possible applications of Panasonic products engineered to improve your packaging processes. Don t see what you re... More
Looking for semicon solutions? Semicon manufacturing requires precision solutions and Panasonic has products that will improve that process. Check out some selected possible applications of... More
Full line-up of compatible fiber optic cables A full line-up of Panasonic fiber optic cables from general purpose use fibers to special fibers... More
Ultra-compact PLC Built-in dual Ethernet ports Multiple interfaces that connect with various devices Basic Performance High-speed operation processing 8x faster than conventional... More
Compatible with industrial network Ethernet protocol The FP7 supports EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT and provides an integrated system through the control of sensors and servo... More
AC/DC drive photoelectric sensors with 1 form C relay contact The NX5 series of photoelectric sensors offers a free ranging voltage input along with... More
Convergent reflective sensor for low cost embedded usage Very stable detection Hardly affected by backgrounds Small size for space savings Dark object detectable Detects objects... More
Amplifier Built-In Photoelectric Sensors This RX Series sensor will be discontinued in September of 2022. Please contact Ramco Innovations (800) 280-6933 for best... More
Thousands of solutions in stock Ramco Innovations is one of the largest solutions providers of Panasonic/SUNX Factory Automation products in North America. On Ramcoi... More
Pocket-size ultra-compact programmable logic controller for use in extremely narrow spaces Large capacity program/data memory Program capacity: 32 k steps max. Data... More
SENSING AND AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS Ramco Innovations is one of the largest solutions providers of Panasonic/SUNX Factory Automation products in North America. On More
FX2-A3R & FX2-A3R-LED will be discontinued Sept 24 2024 Contact Ramco for best replacement options Fiber optic sensors with non-modulated pulse detection... More
LED display digital pressure sensor The DP2 series of pressure/vacuum sensors offers a high-resolution high-speed and high-accuracy solution for all of... More
In-line electrostatic sensors The EF-S1 series of electrostatic sensors in-line capable allowing you to monitor static levels and respond to it immediately... More
Convergent Reflective Sensor for Reliable Object Detection in a Limited Area Reliable object detection in limited area. Due to convergent distance sensing the color or... More
Laser sensor with compact sensor heads and an available 4-20 ma output The LS-500 series is a high speed Class 1 laser sensor... More
LED based sensor for precision wafer mapping applications The M-DW1 wafer-mapping sensor is a perfect alternative to laser wafer-mapping solutions. By employing... More
Background Suppression Sensor with Robust Die-Cast Enclosure This RX Series sensor will be discontinued in September of 2022. Please contact Ramco Innovations (800) 280... More
Communication Units for Various Sensors Up to 16 I/O can be connected at once using MIL connectors Communication units designed for Fiber sensors Laser... More
Thrubeam ultrasonic sensor for dirty/dusty sensing environments The US-N300 is a thrubeam ultrasonic sensor that is suitable for the detection of transparent objects... More
Highly expandable lineup of PLC USB port for easy connection to a PC Also compatible with Ethernet Features High-speed Operation The 32-bit RISC... More
Low cost all-in-one pressure/vacuum sensor with high resolution - Includes IO-Link type The new and improved second version of the DP-100... More
Durable ultra-fast safety light curtains The Panasonic SF4D series of safety light curtains are easy to use compact in size and feature a new... More
Ultra-slim safety light curtains built for high end performance and efficiency The Panasonic SF4C Series Type 4 light curtain combines high end performance with... More
Compact light curtains with advanced functionality and durable body The SF4B-C Series is designed to fit onto an aluminum frame maximizing the machinery opening... More
EQ-30 Series will be discontinued September 24 2024 For best replacement option review EQ-511 or Contact Ramco to review your application 2 Meter... More
Background/Foreground Sensing with Adjustable Setting Range up to 2.5 meters Distance The EQ-500 series of photoelectric sensors provides a long-range diffuse... More
Small-diameter optical bubble sensors The BE-A Series from Panasonic is an optical air bubble sensor that simply and easily connects to small diameter... More
Flame Proof Light Curtain series. Has not been tested to meet USA requirement INSERTLIST:BSF4-AH80 Shop the Full Series More
Accepts one analog input and provides a display reading that is scalable Hyper mode-increased sensing distance Ultra high speed response Precision accuracy The CA2... More
Complete 116 model line-up for precision and performance Find a photoelectric sensor for any application in the Panasonic CX-400 series featuring 116 models... More
M18 Threaded Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors for Basic Applications The C series is now obsolete and no longer available. For replacement options please contact us. The... More
Compact fan type ionizers A fan-type ionizer with a 120 mm (4.724 in) fan diameter that has a class leading compact size for... More
Spot charge removal without compressed air - Environmentally friendly and high performance Incorporating our unique high-frequency AC method and Sirocco fan we have achieved excelling... More
Wide area fan type ionizer for bench top and hand assembly applications. Flexible mounting options Built-in fan unit for self contained installation Easy maintenance... More
Compact spot type ionizer with and array of available nozzles The ER-VS02 series of ultra-compact high-performance ionizers performs highly efficient static removal... More
Remove static with the Panasonic ER-VW Series of thin type high frequency static ionizers. Applications Resources Brochure Manual cad files INSERTLIST:ER-VW Shop... More
Slim bar type ionizer for wide area coverage of in-line processes with or without a compressed air source With a space saving slim bar... More
Ultra-small photoelectric sensors perfect for embedded applications The EX-10 series is one of the smallest sensors on the market today. The ultra small... More
All-purpose ultra-small photoelectric sensor featuring integrated sensitivity adjuster At the pinnacle of sensor miniaturization the Panasonic EX-20 Series achieves one of the... More
Threaded miniature photoelectric sensor for easy installation The EX-30 series of photoelectric sensors offers a fresh new alternative to traditional fiber optic sensors. Unparalleled... More
Measures air flow up to 1000 liters/min One of the industry s smallest sizes Easy to see dual color with sub display High precision... More
High sensitivity fiber amplifier with manual adjustment Manual adjust (12 turn pot) fiber amplifier provides highly sensitive tuning that is very simple and precise. The... More
Reliable easy-to-use color detection sensor With the Panasonic FZ-10 series you ll get reliable and precise color discrimination that s easy to... More
Detects when multiple sheets of metal are fed into a process instead of a single piece The GD series of metal sheet double feed detectors... More
Compact inductive proximity sensor for long range sensing High performance sensing at a low price. The GL-18H is a rectangular-shaped top sensing inductive... More
Inductive proximity sensors with fine sensitivity adjustment The Panasonic (formerly Sunx) amplifier separate inductive proximity sensors feature a detection accuracy down to 2µm. Each sensor... More
2-Wire and 3-Wire DC Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors The GX-M series of cylindrical proximity sensors is a high-performance easy to use... More
Compact 3-wire cylindrical proximity sensor Compact size Bright output indicating light Increased tightening torque for high vibration applications The GX-N series of cylindrical... More
2-Wire inductive proximity sensors for wire saving installations This GX-U Series sensor will be discontinued in September of 2022. Please contact Ramco Innovations... More
High performance inductive proximity sensor in a compact size Please note the 2 wire GXL proximity sensors will discontinued September 15th 2022 and replace with... More
Ultra-slim contact-type displacement sensor Introducing the Panasonic HG-S Series contact-type digital displacement sensor. It features class leading accuracy in a slim... More
Ulltra-slim thru-beam type digital displacement sensor with best-in-class accuracy Panasonic introduces the brand new HG-T Series of thru-beam type... More
High-precision all-in-one laser displacement sensor Panasonic introduces an intelligent all-in-one laser displacement sensor in the HL-G1 Series. Its state... More
High functionality laser array with 4 micron resolution The HL-T1 series of laser collimated beam sensors combines extremely compact sensor heads with a high... More
Simple cost-effective setup for wide area detection applications A robust yet slim aluminum enclosure allows for easy placement on you machine and its built... More
Sensor controller provides power with simple logic and timer functions Provides power to up to sensors Timer options And/or logic functions The NPS series... More
Self-contained power supply sensor controller The PS930/110V is a self-contained module designed to provide 12 VDC @ 75mA to power a sensor and... More
Obstacle detection sensors with wide area detection The PX-2 series is designed for obstacle detection on AGV systems. The wide sensing area and optional... More
Panasonic Safety Relay Unit for PNP output type light curtain Resources Brochure INSERTLIST:SF-AC Shop the Full Series More
Robust IP67 Type 4 light curtain with 10 20 or 40mm beam pitch and universal 14 ms response time This addition to the Panasonic product... More
Ergonomic optical touch switch for two hand control applications The SW-101 is a zero force replacement for mechanical push buttons that are commonly used... More
3D Fiber Laser Marker LP-ZV Series from Panasonic Short-pulse fiber laser marking featuring high marking definition. With wide field marking capability built in... More
Easy to use fiber optic amplifier with improved stability and simplified functions for improved operation ease - includes IO-Link compatible model The new Panasonic FX... More
FX-301(P) FX-301(P)-HS and FX-305 Will Be Discontinued on Feb. 13 2024 Compact high performance digital fiber optic sensors designed... More
NA1-11 Series will be discontinued Sept 24 2024 Contact Ramco with your application requirements for best sensing options Cross-Beam Detection for Sensing Small... More
High-precision digital detection of non-corrosive liquids & gas pressure High Pressure Detection - Pressure ranges up to 50 MPa High Precision - Sensor accuracy has been... More
Digital single-axis type amplifier separate pressure sensor for added flexibility Ultra fast response time Flexible sensor head lineup with many port options Sensor head... More
Head-separate type dual display digital pressure and vacuum sensor Amplifier separate pressure and vacuum sensors Thin body controller designed to connect with upper devices... More
Liquid level detection sensor with self contained integrated amplifier The EX-F1 is a liquid level sensor with an integrated amplifier thus there is no... More
Unique reliable leak detection sensors with built-in amplifier The EX-F70/F60 series of leak detection sensors offer a unique and reliable method of... More
World s smallest laser sensors with built-in amplifier for long range and precision detection The Panasonic EX-L200 series introduces the world s smallest... More
3mm photoelectric sensor with built-in amplifier for narrow installation As the world leader in compactness among photoelectric sensors the EX-Z series boasts a... More
Detects water level within a transparent or translucent container Total reliability Unique optics get absorbed by water molecules The EZ-10 series is a reliable... More
Easy installation vacuum-resistant fibers with one-touch connection system Panasonic introduces the brand new FV-FR Series of vacuum-resistant fibers featuring the one... More
Ultra-slim low-cost fiber optic sensors for diverse applications The FX-100 s ultra-slim design features a 9mm width and integrated mounting holes... More
High power user-friendly digital fiber optic sensors The FX-400 series of high power digital fiber sensors is a simple easy to use sensor... More
High-performance proximity sensor with full feature range High performance 3.3 kHz response frequency Sensitivity adjustment for high precision Amplifiers can be connected to... More
High accuracy high resolution current sensors Provides accurate measurement of ferrous metal targets with a resolution of up to .4 microns for the GPA-5S... More
High-accuracy eddy current sensors for high precision processes High-speed high-accuracy eddy current type digital displacement sensors. Choice of 6 different sensing heads... More
High performance inductive proximity sensor with unprecedented stability durability and workability The Panasonic GX-F/H Series introduces an exciting new line of high performance... More
Compact high-performance inductive proximity sensors The GX Series will be discontinued in September of 2022. Please review the GX-300 Series or Contact Ramco... More
High precision wafer alignment sensor Utilizing a safe LED light beam the HD-T1 series is capable of high precision detection of wafer orientation with... More
High speed high resolution laser displacement sensor Ultra high speed (100kHz) Excellent resolution for demanding measurement applications Data buffering function in the controller for storing... More
Laser array sensor with 15mm Wide Beam The LA series of laser collimated beam sensors is a safe and precise solution to your detection needs... More
High precision amplifier separate laser sensor with dual digital display The LS series of laser sensors provides stable sensing for all of your high-precision... More
Part picking verification sensor for manual assembly applications Ultra-slim compact design Highly visible job indicator Easy alignment with mounting holes in the same axis... More
General Purpose and Slim Body Area Sensors The NA2-N series of area sensors provides a general-purpose detection solution with a wide range of... More
New generation of wiring saving system S-Link V is the newest generation wire saving bus system from Panasonic/Sunx. As many as 512 I... More
Safety laser scanner with freely configurable zones This item will be discontinued March 2021. Please contact Ramco for details Two zones can be widely monitored... More
Safety leak sensor for water and caustic chemicals The SQ-4 Series is one of the first leak sensors in the industry to earn safety... More
Type 4 safety sensor protects small openings or large areas Single beam Protection in wide areas to narrow spaces Compact sensor head with industry standard... More
Amplifier Separate Push Button Teach Photoelectric Sensor The SU7/SH Series is now obsolete. When current in stock items are depleted this series will no... More
Digital RGB color mark sensors with built-in amplifier The LX-100 series of digital color mark sensors utilizes 3 LED elements (Red Green and... More
Reliable detection as good as 10 µm resolution in compact body - Available in IO-Link compatible type With a compact size of just W20 x... More
Compact digital pressure sensor for gas with high visibility display The DP-0 pressure sensor series has been completely redesigned from the ground up to... More
Air-gun type ionizer that can remove dust in a single burst using pulsed air Resources Brochure Manual cad files INSERTLIST:EC-G02 Shop the... More
Ultra-small narrow beam photoelectric sensors ideal for small object detection in embedded spaces Introducing the NEW Panasonic EX-10S Series photoelectric sensors. Featuring an... More
The FX-11A Analog output sensor has been replaced with the FX-505-C2. Pleas contact Ramco Innovations for replacement details. phone 800-280-6933... More
High end high performance fiber optic sensors The FX-500 is a highly advanced digital fiber sensor with high end features and a class leading... More
Part picking verification sensor for manual assembly applications Space saving pocket sized picking sensor Clearly visible programmable job indicator . Ultra-slim design Mutual interference prevention... More
The SF4B series is obsolete as of September 2022. Please review the SF4D Series for potential replacement or contact Ramco Innovations for replacement options. Phone... More
Best-in-class u-shaped micro photoelectric sensors The Panasonic PM-25 PM-45 and PM-65 Series are completely rebuilt for better performance and... More
HG-F1 Series Compact Long Range Distance Sensor With a Super compact aluminum housing the HG-F Series is not only robust but also compact... More
Full line-up of static control devices Static charge on assembly line can have devastating effects on sensitive work pieces. The solution is the line... More
Line Card 5/2/2024
View Complete Line Card featured vendors Sensing Safety Factory Control Sensing Robotics Safety Factory Control Motor Control Motion Temperature Safety Factory Control Motor Control Sensing... More
Automotive Solutions assignment Engineered Recommendation Ramco s automotive solutions manage dust; light-guided assembly; automotive traceability and black part detection on black door panels and... More
Ramco TV 1/25/2024
RamcoTV RamcoTV is a library of videos highlighting information and tips you can use. We invite you to browse our collection for product specs application... More
Services Application Engineering Whether you are looking for help expanding your production facility or reconfiguring an existing process our team of application engineers are here... More
Full line-up of compatible fiber optic cables Optex Fa s complete line of fiber optic cables includes hundreds of options for many demanding applications... More